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Checks in the Mail

"They really find out what is going on, what is wrong with a person, in total. Workers routinely suffered strained backs; however, the occupational therapists have intervened with an injury prevention regimen and reduced the company's recordable injuries by 85%."

Gary Lenard
 Director of Human Services


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FIT for WORK. The Power of Health.

Fit for Work is a national provider of innovative workplace health, wellness, ergonomic and safety services for a healthier, more productive labor force.

If you are looking for tangible reductions in workers' compensation claims, health care costs and OSHA recordable incidents; or if you want to create a culture of both health and wellness for your business and you need a trusted partner to show you how...

CONTACT US | Fit for Work. The Power of Health. 

  • Early Symptom Intervention and Injury Prevention
  • Employment Testing
  • Environmental Health and Safety
  • Ergonomics
  • Wellness


At Fit for Work, we believe wellness can change health care forever.

Our experience has shown that by embracing a culture of wellness and safety today, and making prevention a priority, you will experience a stronger, healthier workforce, significantly reduced costs in both health care and regulatory compliance, and financial returns that far exceed your investment.


Fit for Work partners with you to incentivize wellness, restore good work practices, and deliver a more efficient and productive workforce; so you can get down to business, because every day counts and every dollar adds up.


We understand that better than anyone. More importantly, we know how good health can work for you.


Let us show you how Fit for Work can develop the health, safety and wellness strategies that maximize your position in today's competitive market, no matter your industry. Reap the economic benefits of the Power of Health for years to come.

Mission Statement Partners Vision

Fit for Work provides innovative nation-wide health, wellness, ergonomic and safety services tailored to create a healthier, more productive workforce in order to generate tangible reductions in workers' compensation claims, healthcare costs, and OSHA recordable incidents.




Fit for Work will be the national leader in establishing cultures of wellness for our communities, our corporate partners and our families that prioritizes prevention over cure, eliminates incentives for illness over health, and permanently changes the way health care is delivered.